Brodsky in alphabetical disorder

Anna Akhmatova Museum and Plastic Hands Theatre «Hand Made»'s Collaborative project.

This show's literary frame consists of Brodsky's autobiographical prose fragments. Their sequence is rather based upon the emotions than chronology. A plastic hands genre, drama and a shadow theatre form a symbiosis that becomes this show's main foundation. The actor Andrey Shimko tells the poet's story. «Hand Made» theatre actors are his main partners in this show. They shape all the necessary decorations with their hands: recognizable Saint Petersburg's perspective, Venice, the static and dynamic figures, people, trees, buildings. Hands reflect the mood, make a dialogue with the main character and illustrate his thoughts. The video projection transforms the stage into a starry sky or the snow-covered abandoned motherland.

The show's title is a paraphrase of the poets's famous explanation of a human memory phenomenon: «More than anything, memory resembles a library in alphabetical disorder, and with no collected works by anyone». (J. Brodsky "A Room and a Half") This very thought became primary in the performance directed by Svetlana Ozerskaia. Our memory keeps only personal and not general. And this is what makes it a sibling to art.

Director: Svetlana Ozerskaia

Plastic Hands Theatre "Hand Made" artistic director: Andrey Knyazkov

Cast: Andrey Shimko, Plastic Hands Theatre "Hand Made" actors

 Duration: 50 minutes

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