Circus In Hand (WORDLESS)

Idea, Conception: Svetlana Ozerskaya

On stage:  Frank Artem, Loskutov Alexander, Nadezda Danilogorskaya, Anisimova Maria, Stipanova Alena, Mironova Ekaterina.

Light: Igor Fomin

Management: Viktoria Shepel

The colourful stripes of a big top magically transform into circus characters – animals, trainers, acrobats and clowns. Every “act” has its own storyline with an unexpected outcome. Delightful entertainment for all the family.

Circus in Hand is about what is left after telling a story, what is left after bright loud show, when all the cages with tigers and other exotic animals are gone and all that is left are your memories. Clowns and trainers are on the road somewhere but the miraculous feeling that they brought to you is still there. This is about how children imagine and what it is which surprises them so much, of what it is they add and see in every tiny thing.

This show is an illustration of a child's delight, giving you a feeling of visiting circus, about a dream that appears deep within a child's heart. Is it possible to train a giraffe? Can you become a friend of zebra? When we were young, we knew answers to all these questions and this show will try to answer these questions, help to bring you back to your childhood.

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