Time for fun (WORDLESS)

Idea, Conception: Andrei Kniazkov

On stage: Artem Frank, Artur Muradian, Alexander Loskutov, Sergey Okunev, Maria Anisimova, Alena Stipanova, Maksim Smirnov, Ekaterina Mironova, Nadezda Danilogorskaya.

Light: Igor Fomin

Management: Viktoria Shepel, Ekaterina Georgievskaia.

The performance is a plastic representation. It was created in 2007 by a director, an Honoured Artist of Russian Federation Mr. Andrey Kniazkov in cooperation with the Hand Made theatre company. Leading parts and decorations are all presented by the actors' hands. Hands and fingers turn into objects and symbols, depict people and animals; characters turn up out of nowhere, they float and dance in the air. And every gesture, every plastic sketch has its own drama, its own history. This dynamic and bright performance is easy to understand for everyone, no matter what age or nationality. The show is a huge success during Hand Made's every tour.

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